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Acura Oil Change Service

Regular Acura oil changes are an integral part of responsible auto maintenance and, to keep your vehicle running its best, you’ll typically need to invest between $25 to $50 for an oil change. However service specials at Acura of Lafayette, your local certified dealership, can offset your Acura oil change cost quite a bit. Read below to learn more about fuel options and optional services at Acura of Lafayette, then give us a call to schedule your oil change today!

Keep Your Acura Running with Regular Oil Changes

Several factors can have an impact on your specific Acura oil change cost. First off, your particular model (SUV, sedan, hybrid or other) requires a certain type of engine oil to function properly. Additionally, driving habits and terrain can also impact how often you need an oil change. You’ll also want to determine which oil is right for your luxury Acura vehicle. With an average cost between $45 to $70, synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil due to the fact that it’s designed for performance vehicles and allows you to go longer between oil changes. Keep checking our rotating selection of service specials to find deals on both synthetic and conventional Acura oil changes. There are also synthetic/conventional blends that can deliver synthetic oil performance at a lower price!

Save More with Acura Oil Change Specials

When it comes to routine maintenance, your Acura oil change cost is only part of the package. At Acura of Lafayette, we strive to provide quality service at a great price — so you can get back on the road with enhanced peace of mind. Here are just a few reasons Louisiana drivers trust our dealership to perform the crucial routine maintenance for their vehicle:

  • Certified Acura Technicians — Our expert technicians have been trained on Acura models, so they know your vehicle inside and out.
  • Worry-Free Warranty Coverage — If your new or CPO Acura vehicle is covered under a factory warranty, your routine service and most replacement parts are covered. This means that your oil change cost may be mostly, or even completely, covered!
  • Special Service Deals — Certified service doesn’t have to cost more than your corner auto shop. Contact us to learn more about Acura oil change specials in Lafayette!

Schedule Your Next Oil Change at Acura of Lafayette

Now that you know that a certified Acura dealership can provide an amazing price for your next oil change, schedule your appointment today! We’re also here to answer your questions about any other maintenance issue related to your Acura, including service schedules, collision service and much more. Stopping in for an oil change is a good opportunity to take care of other routine maintenance items while you’re here, as well as learning more about DIY maintenance such as changing your Acura key fob battery.


1. Why are regular oil changes important?

Oil cleans and lubricates the moving parts in your engine.  It keeps everything moving freely and also acts as a cooling mechanism. The longer the oil stays in your engine, the greater the chance of increased wear due to heat and friction. Regular oil changes keep your engine running more smoothly so you can achieve optimum performance and longevity out of your vehicle. Get an oil change in Lafayette today! Schedule an appointment with our Service Department.

2. When do I need to change my oil?

Your Acura has a Maintenance Minder or an odometer driven service reminder on earlier models.  The Maintenance Minder calculates remaining oil life based on your unique driving conditions.  The “Service Due Soon” message will appear when your oil life reaches 15 percent.  Please note that 15 percent of oil life does not represent actual oil levels (see chart below to see when you should get your vehicle serviced).  If your vehicle does not have a maintenance minder then refer to your owner’s manual.  If you still are in need of assistance please call our service department at (337) 508-0307 and we would be happy to help you!

Oil life %        Message in vehicle            What you should do

15%                Service Due Soon                  Schedule an appointment

  5%                Service Due Now                   Take your vehicle in for service now

  0%                Service Past Due                   Your service is overdue – See us today!

3. Why do I need to do maintenance on my car?

Keeping up with the maintenance on your vehicle will help to extend the life of your car.  Your vehicle involves numerous moving parts and requires proper servicing to maintain long term performance and avoid costly repairs.

4. How long do service appointments usually take?

Times vary, so it’s always best to call in advance to speak to a service advisor at (337) 508-0307 for an accurate time estimate.

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