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Find Acura Tires in Lafayette

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the right tires, and our Acura service center wants to help you feel confident with the ones that you choose for your next new or used vehicle. Typically, the size and type of your Acura tires are two of the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing the right tires, and our experts are here to help with it all. The certified technicians at our service department will match your vehicle to the perfect tires for your specific Acura model and trim, which eliminates the guesswork and research!

When to Replace Your Tires

It’s important to replace your Acura tires when there’s any obvious or unrepairable damage or when the tread has worn down. Replacing your tires when the tread is low is not only important to the vehicle lifespan and longevity, but also for the passengers inside of the vehicle. This is because when your tire tread is low, it becomes unsafe to drive since the tires will not be able to grip the road and handle weather conditions like rain, ice, or snow. A quick and easy way to identify if your tire’s tread is too worn is the Penny Test. To do this, place a penny upside down in between the tire tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the treads are worn and tire replacement is needed! If you’re unsure about the penny trick, simply stop by Acura of Lafayette and our service team can check your tires for you!

Acura Tire Replacement in Lafayette

If you find yourself in need of a tire replacement, or even a second opinion if you are unsure, there’s no better place than an authorized Acura Service Center. Avoid the confusion of a normal tire shop by assuring you get the right Acura tires for your specific model, replaced by a factory-trained team of technicians at a competitive price. Contact us with any questions or schedule an appointment to get your tires inspected or replaced today. Also be sure to take advantage of any tire-related service specials we have to offer!

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