How to Activate Acura Link

The innovative AcuraLink system is a must-have addition for all new Acura owners! This technology bridges the gap between your phone and vehicle in a way that has never been done before. With a simple click on your phone, you can access a plethora of safety, convenience, and maintenance at your fingertips. For Acura drivers in Baton Rouge, here is how you can activate your AcuraLink!

What is AcuraLink?

Available in the latest Acura models, the AcuraLink app allows you to connect to your vehicle via a phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere. The AcuraLink app offers unique convenience, safety, and maintenance features that you would otherwise not have access to in other makes and models.

Connecting to AcuraLink

The steps to setting up your AcuraLink app and connecting it to your new Acura car are easy. You only need to do the following:

  1. Download the AcuraLink App & Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  2. Connect Your MyAcura Account OR Register for a New MyAcura Account
  3. Provide E-Mail Address, Name, Password, and Security Question
  4. Log in to the app
  5. Select Add a New Vehicle and Scan the VIN Barcode on the Inside of the Driver’s door jamb
  6. Press Continue
  7. Click Activate
  8. Input Your Postal Code and Confirm
  9. Enter a 4-digit Pin Code for the Remote Functions
  10. Review Subscription Features and Activate AcuraLink
  11. Click “Connect Bluetooth” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Navigating the App Settings

You will need to allow AcuraLink to collect all of your vehicle’s data to utilize the app’s functionality. Open the support tab on the app, scroll to the vehicle data collection, and select allow. This option allows the app to display your car’s fuel range, oil level, fuel level, and more. All this information in one place will make driving around Lafayette more convenient.

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