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Sell Acura of Lafayette Your Car

If you are entertaining the idea of getting rid of your old car or trading it in for a new one, go for it! With the current state of the car industry, used cars are in demand more than ever, and Acura of Lafayette wants to buy your car! However, if you are still on the fence about selling or trading your car, here are a few reasons why you should.

Why You Should Sell Your Car to a Dealership

Everyone deserves to have an easy and pleasant experience selling their car that does not cause any unnecessary stress. Opting to go to a car dealership rather than a private buyer helps eliminate all the hurdles and roadblocks when trying to complete negotiations. Here are a few more reasons you should sell yours to a dealership.

  • Time: Used car dealerships are always searching for used models in pristine condition to put on their lot. This high demand at dealerships means you won’t have to waste time trying to find a potential buyer who may or may not put an offer on your vehicle.
  • Easy: Another perk of selling to a dealer is they take care of all the paperwork for you, meaning you won’t have to worry about handling tricky documents like bill of sales and title transfers.
  • Trust: Contracts with car dealerships are more solid, and once the sale is complete, you will have no ties or responsibility for the vehicle. However, private transactions can leave room for legal issues if any problems with the car arise, potentially leading to a financial loss.

What If I Still Owe Money on My Car?

No worries if you still owe money on the car you are trying to sell! The dealership can reach out to your finance company and figure out the balance left. Sometimes, they will even pay off the difference left after paying you!

What If I am Upside Down on my Car Loan?

If you have negative equity on your car, meaning there is more money left to pay than its actual value, there is still a way for you to sell it. The best option is to have the dealership appraise it and figure out the exact balance owed.

Documents to Bring to the Dealership

When prepping your car to bring to a dealership, you will want all essential documentation on hand so the negotiation and selling process can go smoothly. Documents you should bring include:

  • The owner’s manual
  • Identification like driver’s license or a state ID
  • Car registration and title
  • Loan information like paybook or account number
  • Any other receipts or relevant documents

Sell or Trade-in Your Car at Acura of Lafayette

Come to Acura of Lafayette near Baton Rouge whenever you want to sell your car or trade-in for an upgrade! We believe that the selling or trading should be as efficient as possible and strive to make every customer walkway satisfied. Whether you want to sell or are interested in purchasing a used vehicle, our team has you covered! Our dealerships are proud to serve the people of Baton Rouge and Lafayette, so contact us and find your next ride from us today!