Sell Us Your Car


Avoid the inconvenience and expense of selling your car on your own! Acura of Lafayette is eager to buy your vehicle. We are always looking for new inventory. Let us take your vehicle off your hands. We pay top dollar!

Conveniently located on Johnston Street in Lafayette, we want to save you the time and headaches that come with trying to sell your car and get you a check today!

If you are thinking that it might be time to upgrade your current vehicle, we can help you with your trade too. Perhaps you currently owe more than what your car’s worth, or it’s in need of costly maintenance or repairs. Or maybe you’re just concerned because the warranty just expired. Whatever your reason is for wanting to trade in your car, Acura of Lafayette is proud to offer our “Sell Us Your Car” program which will allow you to get behind the wheel of a brand new Acura with little to no money down, and possibly even lowering your monthly payment! You can CLICK HERE to value your trade.

Benefits of Selling to Acura of Lafayette

  • Our experienced managers appraise thousands of vehicles each year.
  • Our market expertise allows us to offer the best value for your vehicle.
  • Our partnerships with the original equipment manufacturers allow us to more accurately value features, packages, and options that add value to your vehicle.
  • An offer from Acura of Lafayette is valid for 10 days or 500 miles.
  • Best of all, selling your vehicle to Acura of Lafayette comes with our exceptional customer service.

How Acura of Lafayette Determines Your Offer

  • No reservations are required – visit our stores during business hours. The process is fast and convenient.
  • Our experienced managers will review the condition of your vehicle, as well as your vehicle’s history report.
  • We will research current market data for your vehicle to ensure we are providing you with a fair offer.
  • We will complete an inspection and test drive to ensure we have all the details we need.
  • We will present an offer to you. The offer is valid for 10 days or 500 miles.

What to Bring When Selling Your Car

When you are ready to sell your vehicle to Acura of Lafayette, please bring these items with you:

  • The vehicle you’re selling
  • Keys, Remotes, & Owners Manuals
  • Title or loan payoff information
  • Vehicle Registration

Please contact us for a no-obligation appraisal. Thank you for choosing Acura of Lafayette.